Fun Chalk Activities For Young Artist

Fun Chalk Activities For Young Artist

Playing outside with chalk is a great way to lighten the indoor boredom right now. From chalk your walk happy messages to obstacle courses for siblings to play endless hours of fun. Some chalk artists are taking things to the next level and creating entire games in their driveways with chalk...



An oldie (as in kids have been playing it for over hundreds of years) but a definite goodie. The rules are simple and kids can either draw their own course with the chalk or have a parent help.


1.Use your imagination and draw the boxes to be jumped in various colors and shapes.
2.Use the Toysmith Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk as the marker, beanbags, buttons, or small plastic toys.
3.Once your children have conquered hopping the course, see if they can double hop on each box or use varying feet for hopping on the way up and the way back the course.


Why walk if you can jump anyhow?


But outdoor chalk Math?

When the weather is nice and no one feels like working, take learning OUTSIDE with these fun sidewalk chalk math games!


These math games are perfect for ages 5-8, and we hope that you’ll be able to customize any of the ideas for the level that you need. Basically, you can take anything from a math book and do it with chalk. Kids will add (subtract/multiply/divide) across the grid!


We’re all looking through our game stashes now to see what other games could be enlarged into chalk versions for more chalk your walk creations. Spend endless hours of active fun with one piece of “equipment.” Anything is more fun with Toysmith Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk, ha!


Comment below other activities, chalk art, or chalk games you would like us to feature.

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