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Black, White & Stylish Brights Writing Mini Bulletin Board Set

Black, White & Stylish Brights Writing Mini Bulletin Board Set

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The Black, White and Stylish Brights Writing Mini Bulletin Board is great for reinforcing writing strategies. Featuring an eye-catching banner, pencils, and accessories, this helpful language arts display is an ideal year-round visual reference for reminding students of the writing process. This set includes these pieces:
Ð 1 header, assembled from 7 pieces (40" x 5.25")
Ð 1 pencil pocket (9.54" x 5")
Ð 2 tassels (2.9" x 5.2")
Ð 2 paper clips (2.4" x 5.5")
Ð 5 pencils (20" x 5")
Curriculum bulletin boards are designed to support any classroom with hardworking, curriculum-based displays. With limited display space in the classroom, curriculum bulletin board sets allow teachers to create colorful, attention-grabbing displays that make learning fun.

Classic classroom themes are back with the fun and trendy Black, White and Stylish Brights collection. Schoolgirl StyleÕs line of trendy classroom accessories helps to take the guesswork out of styling and managing classroom design. Each collection, designed by Melanie Ralbusky, offers a signature look that will transform empty spaces into extraordinary spaces for students to enjoy. The variety of dŽcor options in the Schoolgirl Style collection makes it possible for anyone to design and decorate classrooms that inspire learning and joy!

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