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Burlap Clingy Thingies Clips

Burlap Clingy Thingies Clips

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Clingy Thingies® clips will hold firmly to all smooth surfaces. However, when holding and storing objects with clips, we recommend a very smooth surface such as a whiteboard, metal file cabinet, or stainless steel to ensure maximum effectiveness. Use to hold multiple papers or other objects throughout your classroom. Base measures approximately 3⅛". Write-on/wipe-off surface. 4 clips per pack. 

Clingy Thingies® are made with a special cling technology. They are not sticky to the touch, yet they stick to any smooth surface and can be easily removed. You can even use water to rinse lint or dirt off the back surface. Clingy Thingies® can be used again and again without leaving any mess or residue. They also feature a write-on/wipe-off surface, perfect for notes, labeling, and reminders. Note: All wall paint is different. When using directly on walls, use caution and test on an inconspicuous area first. 

*These do not stick well to textured surfaces 
*Not recommended in areas exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight 

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