Red and Blue Bright Lights BBOP Buddy Bumper Ball (set of 2)


  • $79.99

HearthSong Exclusive - This set of 2 Bright Lights LED Buddy Bumper Outdoor Play Balls is perfect for family reunions, picnics, birthday parties, barbecues, at the beach--really anywhere kids and families go to have fun! Less costly and far more portable than those expensive Sumo suits, these bumper balls deflate and can be packed into a storage bag or into luggage for easy, travel-friendly play. A great active play solution, they get kids to put down the TV remote, put down the tablet, get off the couch and go outside to enjoy fresh air, exercise, and screen-free play. Simply inflate them and step inside one of the colorful balls and let the full-bodied fun begin. Roll them or climb inside and wear them for hours of energetic calorie burning outdoor play, kids have a blast with these blow up play balls that get them moving and laughing, bumping and bouncing. What makes this set extra special are the colorful confetti-filled panels and motion-activated LED lights that light up like starbursts as kids run and bump. The more they move and play the more festive light up flashes! Fits kids ages 6 and up. Adult inflation and supervision required; do not over inflate. Bike/skateboard helmets are recommended for use with BBOPs as an extra safety precaution. Each ball: approximately 36'' diameter; maximum weight limit 150 lbs. Each box includes 2 BBOP (one red, one blue); complimentary patches (each patch can repair 1-3 small holes).

  • VERSATILE + PORTABLE - take them to parties, bbqs, or the beach! BBOPs are a fun, active family activity
  • PORTABLE BUMPER BALLS – Deflate to collapse and easily pack it in a storage bag or your luggage to travel
  • LED LIGHTS - Add a festive burst of lights and color with the motion-activated LED light panels
  • CORD and BATTERY-FREE ACTIVITY - Gets your kids off the couch and enjoy active, screen-free play
  • NO PUNCTURE WORRY - Includes multiple patches, each patch repairs 1 - 3 small holes; easy to repair; DO NOT OVER-INFLATE - Adult supervision is required; recommended for kids age 6 and up

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