Turbo Twister Chameleon Color Sensing Technology 27 MHz Bright LED Light Up Stunt RC Remote Control Vehicle


  • $24.99

The Turbo Twisters Remote Control Chameleon Stunt Car (27 MHZ) has Bright Flashing L.E.D. Lights, patented technology with 360 degree front axle rotation and color sensing technology! By Mindscope

  • Turbo Twister Chameleon Stunt car has color sensing/capturing technology!
  • The Radio Control Stunt Vehicle changes color to match the surface it is on. It comes with 6 color cards for vehicle to drive over and capture color!
  • The Turbo Twister Chameleon can do a patented 360 degree front axle spin!
  • Make your car flip, tumble, roll, dance & do wheelies; 27 MHz

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