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One World Handwashing Bulletin Board Set

One World Handwashing Bulletin Board Set

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The 45-piece One World Handwashing Bulletin Board Set cultivates a classroom where diversity and kindness are always in style while keeping kids safe, smart, and healthy. This colorful set is great as a year-round visual reference to remind students to practice proper hand-washing techniques.

This jungle-themed set shows steps of proper handwashing to stop the spread of germs, as shown by an adorable sloth. This bulletin board set for the classroom includes these pieces:
Ð"Wash Your Hands!" header, assembled from 3 pieces (largest 14" x 6. 4", smallest 7.3" x 4")
Ð12 handwashing instruction pieces (largest 10" x 7.5", smallest 8.5" x 6.9")
Ð1 jaguar (7" x 9")
Ð1 parrot (6.2" x 7")
Ð1 sloth (11.2" x 8. 4")
Ð1 toucan (6.7" x 5.7")
Ð2 speech bubbles (8" x 7.25", 7.7" x 5.5")
Ð5 leaf clusters (largest 8.1" x 4.5", smallest 3.5" x 3.1")
Ð19 leaves (largest 5" x 6", smallest 1.2" x 1. 8")

Great as a year-round visual reference, this set motivates your students by creating a happy, positive, safe, and clean classroom environment. The global vibe of the One World collection cultivates a classroom where diversity, kindness, and compassion are always in style. Look for coordinating products to accent your bulletin board displays and create a cohesive classroom theme!

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