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Brights 4Ever Collection Bulletin Board Sets

Brights 4Ever Collection Bulletin Board Sets

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Brights 4Ever Alphabet Line Bulletin Board - Decorate as you educate with this easy-to-read alphabet line. Includes a frame and arrow that can be used to highlight a letter of the day. Includes numbers 0–10. Also includes a teacher’s guide with suggested activities. Each 3-letter panel is 17-1/2" x 7-1/2". 14 total pieces. 

Brights 4Ever Calendar Bulletin Board - With a 1990s throw back design, this calendar will give you the 4-1-1 everyday of the year. Calendar display comes with easy-to-read number pieces, colorful monthly headers, and additional pieces for holidays and special occasions as well as pieces for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Blank calendar measures 24" x 18". 141 total pieces.

Brights 4Ever Number Line (-20 to 120) Bulletin Board - Use this versatile display to teach about even/odd numbers, positive/negative numbers, and math operations. 19 number line pieces, 5 accents, and a teacher’s guide. Features: 19 number line pieces, 4 star accents and 1 arrow accent, Bulletin board guide with set-up and activity suggestions, Shiny protective coating for durability.

Brights 4Ever Welcome Bulletin Board - Use GIANT letters to create a welcome sign that no one can miss! Each letter is about 13" tall. The whole word spans about 7' long, or longer if the letters are spread out! Includes 52 multi-purpose blank cards and a teacher’s guide. 59 total pieces.

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