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Chalk Hearts Mini Bulletin Board Set

Chalk Hearts Mini Bulletin Board Set

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Celebrate Valentine's day and friendship month with this chalk it up! chalk hearts Valentine-themed mini bulletin board. The versatile pieces in this set will create a festive Valentine display, as well as encourage students to be a friend. This set can be used to enhance your February calendar, showcase student work, label Valentine's day activity stations, or create a friendship-themed bulletin board. Use all the pieces in one display or sprinkle them throughout the classroom or hallway. This 25-piece set includes an assortment of hearts, heart-themed blank cards, a Happy Valentine's day title sign, a "recipe for friendship" poem, a "friendship month" title sign, as well as other friendship- and valentine-related pieces. Tip: display the "recipe for friendship" poem included in this set in your classroom. Read the poem aloud with your students. Use the poem to start a discussion about the "ingredients" that are important in friendship and being a good classmate.

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