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Farm Fun Bulletin Board Set

Farm Fun Bulletin Board Set

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Take a visit to the farm with this Farm Fun Bulletin Board. Children will enjoy learning about life on a farm, including growing crops, raising animals, farm equipment, harvesting crops, using wind power to pump water, and buildings on a farm. Great for use in early childhood classrooms.

This 21-piece farm bulletin board set includes:

  • a large red barn (22.75"w x 16.75"h)
  • a green tractor (14"w x 10.75"h)
  • three pigs in a pig pen (16.25"w x 8.25"h)
  • a garden (16.25"w x 9")
  • a chicken coop (11"w x 13.75"h)
  • a pond with ducks and water plants (17"w x 11.75"h)
  • a windmill (11"w x 22"h)
  • 3 hay bails (7.5"w x 4.5"h) and a large haystack (11.25"w x 4.5"h)
  • 3 stalks of corn (approx. 5" x 9.5"h)
  • 4 flowers (approx. 4.5"w x 4.25"h)
  • a water pump (6.25"w x 11.5"h)
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