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Unicorn 3 inch 2-color Cut-Out

Unicorn 3 inch 2-color Cut-Out

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  • Purple and teal
  • Approximately 3"
  • 31 cut-outs per package

Use these Unicorn 2-Color Cut-Outs to add color and interest to calendars, classroom labels, bulletin boards, doors, hallways, and more! These cardstock, reversible unicorn cut-outs (purple on one side, teal on the other side) are great for crafts, classbooks, scrapbooks, memory games and more!

Create a bulletin board or student project around these themes: "Be One of a Kind," "Dream big and sparkle on," "Unleash your inner sparkle," and "Be Unique!" Have students write ways they are special on a unicorn cut-out and post on a bulletin board or in a class book.

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